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The words of the manager

The philosophy of our activity in Tehran Door Asia Company is based on creating value for customers. The value that can save energy consumption, facilitate traffic in places and have a beautiful and modern entrance to the building is to use the latest technology in buildings to provide comfort and convenience to customers. We believe that there are three main groups of stakeholders and partners in our business. The first group, our suppliers and business partners at home and abroad who play an important role in providing quality goods and products at fair and exclusive prices. Products and goods in which will provide the utmost satisfaction and interests of our customers. The second group is the company's staff and employees, which is one of the valuable resources and one of the most important assets of Tehran Dor Asia Company.

Our human resources are the endless treasures of generating currency and wealth for our customers and ultimately the country. But the third group, which is the most important group of our customers, is in fact the main group of our company. We all need to work hard to achieve customer satisfaction and benefit. The existence of happy and loyal customers is the main capital of any business and our goal in Tehran Door Asia Company is to provide products and services that can lead to comfort, convenience and security of wealth to our customers. As a third millennium company, we have an agile structure and a firm belief in using the latest technologies and in producing products and providing services to customers. In a way that the lowest cost and the highest speed and the highest quality we can provide a worthy and appropriate response to the different needs of our customers depending on security and the use of new types of communication networks.

The value we offer to the customer can be solving a problem, solving a problem of customers. At Tehran Door Asia Company, we believe that we are able to provide more comfort and respect to our customers in addition to material benefits, by providing and producing quality products and providing standard timely services and committed technical support.

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